Centralised Air Refinement​


A typical HVAC system is fundamentally a recirculating system with a portion of outside air added continually while a similar portion is exhausted. 

Air is filtered before recirculation and moved around using fans. Heating an cooling are typically provided by finned coils using heating or chilled water.


The journey that a virally infected droplet would experience to arrive back in  an occupied space.

It would typically include extended ducted air pathways, multiple changes in  direction and air velocity, and multiple impacting surfaces including air filters,  fans, dampers and grilles. There is a good likelihood that a particle would  impact, entrain and dry on a surface. and The filters are not good enough to filter the new threats ( we are taking 0.1 micron to 10 microns here , even PM2.5 is 2.5 micron)  !!!

Solution for HVAC Air Purification

Based on extensive experience in pharma and healthcare Clean room environment We have come up with modern and COVID ready HVAC System solution for Commercial and Industrial Facilities.

To start with, you must do a HVAC configuration and Air quality review

Option 1: Modifying existing HVAC System through retrofit

Installation of Anti-Viral & Microbial killing by using UV Technology


AHU modifications with Filters & fans

Hepa filter with fan is to be installed in inline of supply duct. in this plenum.

OPTION 2: Standalone Air Refiner Units

Install standalone compact system in the indoor area

In this scenario, One standalone system is installed in the supply area. The standalone system is a combination of high efficiency fan with high efficiency Hepa filter. The system can be designed for higher ACPH (Air Changes Per Hour).

Process: That system takes return air from the room and supplies the air on the same room. That will take less time to clean the air in the room due to higher ACPH.  Higher ACPH is achieved by our EC SYSTEMS.

The benefit of Air refiner Unit

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Clean products, fewer operational disruptions
  • Easy to adapt ducts and diffusers Less odour
  • Healthier employees Less cleaning
  • Lower energy costs

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