Air Purifier XJ-4500H


Air Purifier XJ-4500H


Air Purifier XJ-4500H comes with 6 filters to purify the Indoor Air from Dust to toxic gases.

* It uses a combination of the best technologies in the world.

  1. Pre Filter
  2. Carbon Filter
  3. HEPA Filter
  4. Tio2 Filter
  5. UV LED Bulbs
  6. Negative Ions

Good for big areas but can be used in small ones also for fast result. Area covered upto 1500 Sq. Ft.

Ideal For Master Bedrooms / Living Rooms / Offices / Conference Rooms / Restaurants / Pubs / Hotels / Medical Facilities / Server Room Application.

Since our machines have the filtration system to tackle any issue, we can cover a wide application area successfully.

Delivery Period 10 Days



  • Air Purification System based on the principle of PCO ( photo-catalytic oxidation using UV) along with high-grade HEPA & carbon filter to neutralize DUST, Pollen, Allergen, Smoke, Odor, Bacteria, Virus, other micro-organisms, and toxic gases such as formaldehyde & benzene.
  • Best in class 6 Stage Filtration Process
    1. Washable Pre Filter: Designed to filter Larger Particles and prevent clogging * Removes HAIR / Large Dust particle / Pet dander etc.
    2. Activated carbon Filter: A unique honeycomb design containing Live Charcoal granules, blocks Gases and odours. * Removes : Cigarette Smoke / Formaldehyde / Ammonia (pet & perspiration odours) VOCs / other harmful gases etc.
    3. HEPA Filter: Traps pollutants of size 0.3 micron at 99.97% efficiency rate. * Removes very small particles / Small allergens / Microscopic bacteria and viruses / Dust mites etc.
    4. TiO2 Photocatalytic oxidation Filter: Activated by UV Light. It releases free radicals that destroy organic based pollutants. * Removes Bacteria / Mould / Viruses / Odors / Formaldehyde / VOCs This Oxidation also breaks the toxic gases into harmless compounds.
    5. Ultra Violet Light: LED UV bulbs, work independently to neutralize microorganisms. Removes : Bacteria / Mould / Viruses etc.
    6. Negative Ionizer: Trillions of healthy negative ions fill your room for continued cleaning.

Increases freshness in the room Increases activity level in your body Helps increases immunity Creates Forest/Hill Station type Air. Control Menu Crusaders XJ-4500H

  • Air Quality Sensor (in the front)
    • Whenever odour ,dust or irritants are detected , the air quality sensor function will indicate the level of Pollution using a color band.
    • When the appliance is switched on , the built –in-air quality sensor automatically measures the ambient air quality. When the auto mode is activated , the appliance selects the most appropriate fan speed for the measured air quality. (not recommended during the first 2 hours of starting the machine in that room)
    • If you do not use the Auto Mode , this device has Four different fan modes to choose from Low / Medium / High / Turbo(all the 3 lights are ON) Please choose a proper level of circulation according to indoor air quality and Room size. SILENT MODE : During the night you can choose to use this appliance in Silent Mode, It operates very quietly.
    • This button is meant to control the On / OFF for the Air Quality Sensor / Monitor.
    • Light will turn red, when the machine needs the first filter to be cleaned.
    • Light will turn red, when the machine needs the HEPA & CARBON Filters to be changed.


  • Big Room Floor-mounted Air Purifier
  • Best in class 6 Stage filtration system
  • Washable Pre-filter, Activated carbon filter, Hepa filter 0.3 microns, TIO2 Photocatalytic oxidation Filter, UV LED, Negative ions
  • Auto Mode
  • Pollution Indicator
  • Wind Speed Adjustment
  • Power consumption – 45W
  • Weight – 9 Kg
  • 1 Year Brand Warranty

Technical Specification

  • HEPA Filtration : 0.3 micron @97%, 1 micron@99.97%
  • Filter Replacement: After 12 Months (Avg. use of 8 hours every day)
  • Inbuilt Sensors : Dust / Odor / Allergen
  • Effective Room Area: Up to 1500 Sq feet
  • Touch Sensor Control: Yes
  • Cleaning Monitor: Yes Filter
  • Change Monitor : Yes Dimensions (mm) : 310*310*810
  • Weight (kg) : 9 Kg
  • Electrical: 220-250V/50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 45 W
  • Sound Level (dB): Less than 52 dB at Top Speed
  • Fan Speeds : 4(Low/Med/High/Turbo) + Auto Mode
  • Negative ions : >2*10 million pcs/CM3
  • Motor : DC Brushless Motor (Japanese)
Air Purifier XJ-4500H


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