UVC based coronavirus sanitization conveyor for your workplace

UWe Safe- Innovative UVC based, ensures 99.9% Coronavirus sanitization

A conveyor platform using best of hospital disinfection technology of UVC light to sanitize work & public places. It stops the spread of Corona by cleaning high touch items, essentials, deliveries, consignments, etc. in less than 30 seconds while entering the premises. It is developed as per US FDA study findings to kill SARS-Cov1 which is a close cousin of Novel Corona Virus.

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Items That Can Sanitized

Personal items

Mobile phones, wallets, keys, headphones


Carry bags, laptop bags,


Big parcels

How To Use This Product?

UWe Safe is designed to operate with minimum touch interaction and utmost simplicity. Anyone entering your premise, places his/her high touch items on one side of the conveyor, sanitizes hands and collects the sanitized object from the other end of the conveyor.


Complete safety

Only one with unique patented technique

Values time

Fastest sanitization in
30 seconds


No-touch working unlike other UV products

Verified for use

Approved by FDA affiliated Micro-biologist


Environment friendly- no harmful gas/chemical

Quality Assured

ISO certified quality assured machining

Places we serve

Uwe Safe Variants’ Apertures/ Inspectable area

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