UV-C Robot for Disinfection

Remotely operated Wireless robot fitted with UV-C.
Interactive Touch Screen & Joystick based operator controller
Disinfects larger work areas

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How To Use This Product?

This array of UV Disinfection Robots is made of 316 grade stainless steel. Power and voltage requirement of these systems are 450 watt and 230 v respectively. Weight of these products ranges between 25 kg to 85 kg. Designed by expert personnel, these robots have UV and ozone based dual disinfection facility .Offered UV Disinfection Robots have 50,000 hours of lifetime and these require 50% less power to function than their commonly used counterparts available in the market. Patented electrodeless UV tube of these robots is controlled by microwave for better disinfecting performance. These systems can cover a large area to disinfect. User friendly mechanism is one of their main features.


360-degree Safety Sensors with multilayer safety

Approved by government authored micro-biology lab

Remotely operated robot

Disinfection speed: 5-10 cm/sec.

360-degree UV-C illumination

No chemical or harmful gas

Specifications of UVC Robots


UVC: Ultra-Blaster

UV-C: Super-Blaster

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