The importance of having a fully equipped lounge space in office.

The importance of having a fully equipped lounge space in office. Office lounge area can be the place where great ideas and innovations are born. Employees working in office lounge areas can facilitate more productivity. It is one of the main reasons why many modern offices keep these spaces. Other than being a good resting place within work, […]

Business Automation – Changing Future of Workplace

Business Automation – Changing Future of Workplace Today’s modern workplace is a product of decades of creative innovation and the automation of processes and tasks. What is workplace automation? Workplace automation is the application of processes or systems using technology (software and/or hardware) to do repeatable or predictable workflows without requiring manual intervention.  The result..? […]


WORKPLACE FOR GEN Z V/S MILLENNIALS   Businesses are reorganizing and reshaping their workplaces to attract staff back to the office. With all the new developments around flexible working, there is a huge incentive for organization’s to make their offices appeal to younger generations. It is estimated that by 2025, Millennial’s will make up over 75% […]

Facility E Connect

Connecting Humans: The Future of Interior Design The importance of sustainability in interior design ? Interior design aims to achieve a certain functionality, aesthetics and experience. In this process a lot of materials, electronics are utilized. Consumption of energy is a key element in any design, especially in the way services are managed Sustainability is […]


WHAT IS WORKPLACE ERGONOMICS? Ergonomics is an approach to healthy mobility, seating, and overall posture in the workplace. The traditional workplace ergonomics definition is that a person’s work environment should be adapted to their body, not the other way around. By fitting a workspace to an individual’s health needs, organizations can increase employee well-being, improve […]

Merging Tech and Design for Workplace Wellness

Long gone are the days when employees sit all day in inflexible workspaces, adjusting themselves – and their needs –  to the physical conditions of the workplace. The new model for the workplace no longer fits employees into a predesigned worksite but, using technology, redesigns the worksite to fit the needs of the employee. Just […]

The Office Design Trends of 2020

MACRO TRENDS:  1. Dynamic Flexibility 2. Wooden That Be Nice? 3. Community in a Remote World 4. Striking Sustainability   MICRO TRENDS: 1. Monochromatic Expression 2. Hanging Horticulture 3. Modern Modular 4. Domesticated Workspaces   MACRO TRENDS 1. Dynamic Flexibility   Key Features: Furniture-forward Lightweight Moveable / Wheels Ergonomic Multifunctional   2. Wooden That Be […]

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