6 Ways to Create a More Inviting Office Space

When it comes to office space design, many companies focus on creating the most efficient environment possible to enhance worker productivity. However, businesses may forget to make the workplace an attractive and welcoming space for clients, customers, and even new or prospective employees. Consider these suggestions for making your work space more inviting:
1. Create An Interactive Conference Room

Plain old white boards do not an engaging conference room make. Transform a dull meeting room into a unique experience by taking advantage of technology. An interactive whiteboard, for example, connects a computer or tablet to a projector, allowing you to display data straight from your device. That means clients and employees can simply plug in their laptops to quickly and clearly present their ideas. A space planner can help you select the right interactive whiteboard to suit the design of your meeting room.
2. Brighten The Space With Color

The furniture you choose also has a great effect on the inviting appeal of the conference room. For example, Herman Miller Eames chairs surrounding a large table can provide a sense of unity and collaboration among workers and visitors.
People tend to underestimate the vast importance of color and its effect on mood. Incorporating bright colors can make your office space more inviting – small touches, such as a green ottoman, a red lampshade or curtains with yellow stripes, can go a long way and add dimension and personality to your workplace. An office space will look brighter and more spacious, while the added vibrancy can inspire creativity.
3. Keep It Clean

An untidy work space is not only distracting for employees, but it can also be off -putting for visitors. A clean office is an inviting one, and it should reflect an atmosphere of efficiency and organization. Don’t leave loose papers scattered about, and ensure desks are kept clutter-free within reason. Any paperwork or other items that do not require immediate attention can be put in a filing cabinet or drawer. If your office is having trouble keeping the space free of clutter, an office planner can help you come up with a solution.
4. Be mindful of lighting

While an office must be well lit, stay away from over-brightening an office space. Garish fluorescent lighting is known to suck the energy out of even the most vibrant worker, and it can certainly dampen the mood for visitors. Opt for softer, decorative lighting that still provides ample brightness to allow for productivity. Turn to ambient overhead lighting, which can be complemented by pendant lights and personal lamps, to create a warm and inviting space.
5. Incorporate Conversational Furniture
Work with your office space planner to select furnishings that give an instant impression about your business. That doesn’t mean you have to replace your chairs with over-sized bean bags or hammocks, but don’t be afraid to embrace the unconventional and creative. For instance, Office Designs carries the Herman Miller Nelson Marshmallow Sofa, which can add a touch of fun and creativity to your work space while giving clients and other visitors something to remember when they leave.
6. Add Personal Touches

When clients and customers get to see the person behind the work, it can lead to a more amicable, trusting and lasting professional relationship. Encourage workers to let a little of their personal lives shine through in their work spaces, as long as it remains appropriate and respectful of others. Pictures of family members, photos from work parties, posters of workers’ favorite movies and houseplants can help create a visually appealing office that reminds clientele that your business is made up of real, living humans.
With these suggestions and the help of an office space planner, you can make your workplace one where clients and employees enjoy spending time.

6 Ways to Create a More Inviting Office Space

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