Creating the most functional office design

Creating the most functional office design

When re-designing the perfect new office space, oftentimes the design focus can be too heavy on modernity and style, leaving functionality overlooked. Sure enough, after a few weeks of working in your shiny new office, you may start to come up against a few teething problems.
To prevent your new space causing you more hassle than it was worth, we’ve dedicated this resource to providing you with our top tips for a functional office design. So, whether you’re just beginning the process or if you’ve finished your design and are worried you’ve forgotten something, read on for those handy tips we could all do with.

Lots of open space

Now, this may seem like an obvious one to start with, and you may be thinking you already know this, but often people forget to incorporate enough space to work, live and relax with ease.
Not only can open designs save you in costs – helping to retain the best staff and cutting down on recruitment costs – but they also prevent additional stress in the work place. Cramped spaces can soon start to make you feel like you’re living on top of one other, so as simple as it sounds, providing each employee with a spacious work environment can really increase productivity.

Meeting pods

Research has consistently shown that employees prefer privacy, and while open and wide spaces are still recommended for practicality reasons, meeting pods can also provide your office with the perfect environment for productivity to thrive!
Mixing both open and private work spaces provides your office with the functionality it needs, leaving employees with a choice to take private meetings, discussions or brainstorming sessions away from the desk in a much more functional environment.

Ease of access

When designing your new office space, you should remember that your colleagues and associates need a space that’s easy to navigate.
What does this mean? Don’t obstruct doorways with filing cabinets or desks, don’t move into a space in which you have to circumnavigate three floors to simply find the kitchen, and make sure all fire escape routes are clearly signposted and easily accessible.

Looks don’t always triumph

Now here’s the key, just because something looks great doesn’t always mean it’s practical or has a use in your new office. Don’t be fooled by current trends and find yourself five years down the line with an obscenely large glass fish tank segregating your office. We’ve seen it happen before!
The rule is: functionality is everything.
Be focused on making your office work for you and your employees – even if that means you move in with just the basics and find out what additions you may like once you’ve had a feel for the space.
Maybe your employees do want that fish tank after all… but you will only know once you’ve lived in the space for long enough.

That’s it for our top tips to create the most functional design for your office

If we’ve got your creative juices flowing and you feel your office might be due a makeover, get in touch with our team to discuss potential office redesigns and fit outs.
Creating the most functional office design

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