“Resimercial” Design Trend In Today’s Workplace


A combination of “residential” and “commercial,” the resimercial approach brings aspects of home into the contemporary work space. With today’s “always on” mentality, Office Insight suggests that creating homelike environments – where we truly enjoy spending time – is one way to accommodate the increased demand placed on employees.

The modern workforce seeks comfortable, inspiring spaces that create a sense of calm and put people at ease – opening the door for creativity to flourish. To adapt to this shift, forward-thinking companies are increasingly developing offices with a residential sensibility in mind.


Resimercial elements are not just a fleeting office design trend, they are the next logical step in workplace evolution. Here are the main ways in which the typical workday has changed, giving rise to the need for newer kinds of offices:

Changing attitudes at workplaces Younger employees don’t just want to work and go home – they look to form meaningful relationships with the colleagues they work with. Co-workers become more like extended families, often sharing meals, laughs or a post-work drink. Resimercial spaces cater to this change in professional behavior much better than traditional offices.

The benefits are tangible. And impactful People are spending more time at work, resulting in the desire to create a more comfortable atmosphere. It’s clear that the tangible benefits of resimercial design are driving its demand.

Happiness and mental well-being – It is a great way to relax staff and make them feel more comfortable in their working environment. This will generate a workforce that is happier, healthier and more willing to participate in collaborative work and social interaction.

Creates a neutral ground for communication – Including Resimercial elements in places like the Work-Cafe, social spaces and breakout areas will create a safe space where employees can communicate on more neutral ground, without feeling intimidated by more formal settings and a professional hierarchy.

Attracting and training new talent – Today’s generation of young talent are attracted to companies who can offer integration between their professional and private lives. Incorporating softer design elements will blur the lines between work and home and create what we call a ‘third space’ where staff can operate on a more casual and laid-back basis when necessary.

A change in mindset – All in all, this trend doesn’t simply try to change the nature of a traditional office, it stands to completely revolutionize it.

A residential-inspired design combines open space, private offices, phone booths, and common areas. When each space has its own unique aesthetic and functional aspects, it provides an environment for employees to thrive. It also creates those elusive moments where employees from different parts of the organization can learn more about each other and the challenges they face.

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“Resimercial” Design Trend In Today’s Workplace

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