5 Ways Seating Pods Boost Workplace Collaboration

Creating a workplace with a humming culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing can be challenging.
How can you attract a team together in the workplace? Once they’re together how can you keep them together? What’s more, how do you engage them to share ideas and participate?
Research shows that working in a circle boosts the level of collaboration!
We can bring individuals together, make them feel connected to each other and the task at hand and empower them to share ideas – all by providing the right physical space. So how does a circle boost collaboration?
Teams come together for a common purpose, in a central location. An aesthetic and central work setting will always attract teams to a mutual centre. By physically coming together, individuals subconsciously prepare themselves mentally to collaborate and communicate as they come together. In short, people put themselves in a frame of mind to work together by leaving their niche coming to a group setting.
Successful work requires FOCUS. Undivided, uninterrupted attention to the task at hand. This means blocking out excess noise and distractions. Circular collaboration furniture has beneficial acoustic properties. The outer wall rebounds external noise and the internal upholstery creates excellent acoustic performance. A circular area creates a semi-private working space, blocking out external distractions. By facing each other, the team is compelled to pay attention to the facing team members and remain focused on the common purpose. Circular collaboration furniture creates an environment of its own where focus is fostered.
The psychological impact of circular collaboration furniture is the biggest influence on cooperation. As Juliet Zhu of the University of British Columbia observed: “The geometric shape of a seating arrangement can act as a subtle environmental cue for people, by priming their fundamental need for inclusiveness or individuality”. A circle is an equal distance from the centre at every point of its circumference. Working in a circle evokes equality and breaks down hierarchy.  This prevents the ‘lecture atmosphere’, increasing involvement. Physical equality is an ‘environmental cue’ for inclusiveness, reducing antagonism and capitalising on the ideas of the whole team.
There is no factor more powerful for collaboration than a sense of belonging. By creating an inclusive environment of equality, circular seating pods give individuals a greater sense of belonging to the team. A sense of belonging brings satisfaction, meaning individuals feel connected to the team, the work and the organisation. You can’t hide in a work pod. This makes individuals feel more present and engaged, boosting the collective result of collaboration. Belonging = satisfaction and in these environments, people are more likely to share ideas and work with others for a common and greater result.
Teams naturally gravitate to aesthetic areas. Great looking work spaces inspire individuals, cultivate ideas and make them feel a greater connection to the organisation. Circular pods look best free standing, taking center stage in the office space. When designing work pods, consider ways the circle can be accentuated to bring teams together, such as a circular ceiling feature above the pod, circular carpet feature below and adequate lighting to ensure the space is appealing. Circular collaboration furniture is an open invitation for teams to meet and collaborate.

We often underestimate the power of physical spaces and their ability to transform the psychological – behaviour, attitude and functions of a team. Providing teams with collaboration furniture boosts the effectiveness of teams, empowering them to share knowledge, express ideas and accelerate problem-solving.
Seating pods are the ideal collaboration furniture for Corporate Workplaces, Universities, Libraries, Schools and Coworking Shared Offices.
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5 Ways Seating Pods Boost Workplace Collaboration

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