Better Workplace Acoustics Boost Concentration, Professionalism, Productivity

Unwanted sound is proven to cause errors, measurable physical distress, fatigue.  Even ill health. For organizational results and for people’s wellbeing, good acoustics are simply essential for all areas of the workplace.  

Today’s workplace world of open offices and small workstations is hard on people AND their productivity. Noise interferes with concentration and memory and “getting-stuff-done”.  And then there’s the overall discomfort, sick days and general irritability that’s the result of excessive noise.

Acoustic panels can help in meeting rooms, offices, reception and lounge areas, to eliminate the “echo chamber” effect created by hard surfaces such as glass, brick, drywall, even wood.

Acoustic panels in the boardroom will enhance speech discrimination improving communications, interactions and comfort.  So meetings become more productive, less fatiguing.

Teleconferencing from acoustically fitted meeting rooms becomes easier for those on both ends of the line – people can hear and be heard. Colleagues and clients in remote locations appreciate the more professional quality of the call and can concentrate on the business at hand, instead of being distracted by the sound distortion.

Make office lobbies and reception areas more effective:  Welcome visitors with warm greetings and ambiance. Acoustic panels can look as good as they sound, enhancing first impressions all around.

Reduce time lost to distractions and inefficiencies in open-concept offices.  Acoustic treatments will reduce noise and support task concentration.

Promote greater employee well-being and productivity by creating a supportive acoustic environment.

Workplace noise management can involve a multi-faceted approach to block noise, support conversation privacy and reduce reverberation. Talk to Dreamspace about how acoustic panels, baffles or free-standing screens can enhance the productivity in your workplace!
Better Workplace Acoustics Boost Concentration, Professionalism, Productivity

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